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Personalised Initial Bag Tag

Personalised Initial Bag Tag

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My Bag Tags are made from two layers of thick, high quality wool blend felt, reinforced with a super thick interfacing so your tag will stay in amazing condition all through the school year. I use wide, colourful elastic rather than ribbon so there is less chance of breakage if it gets fiddled with lots, and a larger-than-average sized split ring to give you more options of where to attach it to your bookbag. The name is freemotion embroidered over an initial cut from fabric of your choice, so that there is absolutely no mistaking whose bag is whose at the end of the day. 

Back in 2013, my friend Jane and I designed 'bookbag tags' and handle covers for our little ones as they started in Reception, to try to help them identify their bookbags amongst a sea of identical ones in the classroom... There was nothing similar at the time, we had scoured the internet looking for something perfect!  They worked brilliantly, and our children were always first out of school at the end of the day! I made these for 8 years or so whilst my children were both in Primary school, lots of you have bought them in various forms over the years. 

Whilst I don't have the time to do the huge range of designs I once made, I am still offering just a few designs for those of you who would still love to have them, and this years version has just launched. 

Until I have made a few more examples, if you would like to place your order and then message me to let me know what you have in mind for the fabric and colour choices, i'll pop a few options over to you so you can choose something perfect. Eventually I will update the listing to show some more samples for you to choose from, but for now you have free reign on my fabric cupboards! 

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