About The Fernery

Lovely to meet you, I'm Lisa

I'm a self-taught Textile Artist, and I specialise in small scale Freemotion Applique and Embroidery. I work from my Studio in our garden, in East Sussex, UK. 

Freemotion stitching differs from regular machine sewing in that I drop the feed dogs (the little teeth under your sewing foot that pull the fabric through and make lovely even stitches), meaning I can take the thread wherever I need to rather than letting the machine dictate things; there is something really therapeutic about this sort of sewing that I adore. 

Over the course of 12 years I've practiced, perfected and love what I do, but for me it's about more than the sewing - it's about refining the products I make right from the initial design. Finding efficiencies, the organisation and practices that make this a business rather than a hobby. I’ve always worked on the premise that if you love what you do it will show in your work, and twelve years into my small business journey this work ethic remains at the centre of everything I create. You will only find pieces here that I have loved designing, and truly enjoyed making.

My pieces are made using top quality fabrics and wool felt, and are reinforced and strengthened with a custom interfacing - we don't do floppy decorations; these beauties are made to last. All of my items are finished with a 'designer label' and beautifully wrapped in tissue, a branded label and tied with satin ribbon - buying from a small business should always feel special, especially if you're treating yourself. Every order is sent to you boxed to keep it safe, in entirely recyclable, home-compostable materials. I've been sending entirely plastic free parcels to my customers since 2018, so you can shop confidently knowing just how your order will arrive. From the FSC Certified boxes I carefully source from a local small business, to the tissue paper and card I wrap my products in - even the ribbon and stickers will happily biodegrade. I promise not to send you any unneccessary paperwork - you'll receive your order receipt and shipping note via email though, should you need them.