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Bridesmaids and Flowergirls

Bridesmaids and Flowergirls

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Finding the perfect gift for the special people involved in your wedding can be tricky. You need something that shows the thought and effort you've put in, that they can have forever as a keepsake to remember your special day by. These little Bridesmaid decorations are perfect; they are completely customisable, with so many options - and the choice to let me customise your gifts even further if the selections I've listed here aren't quite right. 

Work your way through the options on this listing - you'll need to do this for each Bridesmaid individually - and once you've placed your order please feel free to reply to your confirmation email with any photos and extra details for the custom options you've picked, so that I can get your tiny Bridesmaids *just* right - and if there's anything you need that I've missed, please don't hesitate to let me know. 

*If you need an alteration, however tiny, to the dress designs offered please be sure to pick the custom option, as it will mean additional work to complete your order. 

My Little people stand at around 9.5cm tall - you can see an example of one in my hand and alongside a ruler so that you can understand the scale before you order.  

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