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The Fernery

Loveheart Toadstool Bookband

Loveheart Toadstool Bookband

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A larger version of my Loveheart Toadstools, added to a bookband.  The Toadstool measures around 8 x 9cm, and is hand cut from my original design and freemotion stitched onto reinforced wool felt. 

These bookbands were made out of necessity, as I am someone who regularly thinks I can manage a few pages of my book before I fall asleep, and this more often than not ends up with my husband peeling my book off my face an hour later... I got tired of losing my page, so something had to be done! The band stretches perfectly around most books, so even if you're reading a big fat hardback it will keep your place for you. These are also perfect if you use a paper diary or planner.

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