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Mrs Claus Bookband

Mrs Claus Bookband

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I've not made my Mrs Claus design since 2019... she was a much loved piece of my Christmas collection for many years, but all great designs need a little update every once in a while. I have somehow managed to leave her on the shelf awaiting a makeover for three years, so 2023 is going to be her year! 

Mrs Claus is the real Christmas hero, in my opinion. I think we all know that secretly she's the one doing all the work, don't we?! If you consider yourself to be a total 'Mrs Christmas', I would place a little bet that you've already been eyeing up a few festive books. Its never too early to start reading them, there's just not enough of December to get through all the books I want to read each year, so as soon as the chilly evenings start, its time...  The book in these photos is my favourite Christmas book. Its called 'one day in December', by Josie Silver, and it's always the book I wan't to be snuggled up with on Christmas Eve. So, it may look a little dog eared, and not make for the slickest of social media posts, but I wanted to share that with you first and foremost. 

If you order a Mrs Claus to look after your book, do share a photo of her on your socials with your favourite CHristmas book, and tag me so I can add them all to my list! 

Mrs Claus measures approximately 6 x 7cm, and is also available as a decoration, here

Your book will be unmistakably yours with a Fernery bookband keeping it safe. Hand cut and freemotion embroidered onto two layers of thick, interfaced wool felt. The sizing is perfect for a regular novel or an A5 diary.

These bookbands were made out of necessity, as I am someone who regularly thinks I can manage a few pages of my book before I fall asleep, and this more often than not ends up with my husband peeling my book off my face an hour later... I got tired of losing my page, so something had to be done! The band stretches perfectly around most books, so even if you're reading a big fat hardback it will keep your place for you. These are also perfect if you use a paper diary or planner.


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